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Therapy is a container for our own healing.

Therapy is healing relationship unlike any other relationship in our lives. In this relationship we can find deep healing.

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Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence based practice for many presenting issues including trauma, eating disorders, addiction, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, crisis, grief, chronic and terminal illness and more.

IFS sees each individual as a system of parts. Each of these parts hold valuable qualities and aspects of who we are. Through difficult and traumatic life experiences parts of us learn to protect us while other parts take in the pain on and live with painful beliefs and emotions. IFS refers to the pain and protective jobs parts carry as burdens.

Through reconnecting to our authentic Self we can bring healing and unburdening to any part in our system so they can be freed to be the valuable asset they were meant to be.

This can look like freeing up an inner critic to experience less self-judgement and less shame. This can look like unburdening an alcoholic part so that we can help the parts that carried the pain that caused the drinking in the first place. This can also look like helping parts who carry traumatic wounds unburden their trauma & pain.

Trauma – in whatever form – disconnects us from our authentic Selves. IFS is a powerful approach for reconnecting to our authentic selves and reintegrating parts of our system to become whole again. IFS is truly a deep healing practice.

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) combines and integrates the skills of mindfulness and the practice of self-compassion into psychotherapy. When we have a kinder relationship with ourselves we can often meet our pain with more ease.

MSC is also taught in an evidence based 8 week course to learn to integrate the practices of mindfulness and self-compassion into daily life. More information is provided on this site when these courses are available.

Polyvagal Theory in Therapy

Somatic Experiencing in Therapy

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change.”

Carl Rogers

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