About Me

Caroline Whisman-Blair, MSW, LCSW, LICSW

Personal Background

I have experienced pain in my life just like you. I have personal experiences with religious trauma, acute trauma, complex grief and loss, and chronic pain. I have felt stuck in anxiety, despair, self-judgement, hopelessness and grief. I have struggled to know who I am or even how to listen to myself.

Thankfully life has invited me to healing over and over again. Through many years of my own therapy, wonderful therapists and mentors, spiritual growth, self-compassion and lots of meditation – I have found a deep internal peace, joy in life, and so much healing and freedom. I am also not at all done and am committed to my ongoing healing in this journey of life. I can sit with despair, grief, hopelessness and pain with others because I have sat in my own and have learned to deeply care for myself there. I deeply believe that healing, peace, self-compassion and joy are available for you also!

When I am not working I spend time in nature and the mountains with my family and friends, travel, meditate, read, craft and more!


None of us escape this life without suffering or painful experience. Our healing work is to face our pain, befriend ourselves, and find a path in life that brings us meaning and joy ― not despite our experience, but through our experience.

I deeply believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to bring healing and lessen suffering in life. 

My aim is to create a safe container to help you connect to your authentic Self and build a healing and compassionate relationship with each part of you.

So that you can become both the holder and the held.

“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.”

Christopher Germer

Education & Experience

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology/sociology and a masters in social work. I have over 13 years of experience working in mental health & 10 years of post graduate experience in everything from child welfare, crisis counseling, medical social work, wraparound services, foster home licensing, hospice social work, and therapy for adults, adolescents and families.

I am trained in Internal Family Systems and have completed Levels 1 & 2 of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and complementary trainings such as Somatic IFS, Self-Led Sexuality, Polyvagal Theory & IFS, Trauma & IFS and more. I am also a trained teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion and drawn upon it into psychotherapy. I am trained in various other approaches including cognitive and behavioral approaches, mindfulness in psychotherapy, counseling for those with chronic and terminal illness, end of life care and polyvagal theory in therapy. I am also beginning Somatic Experiencing training.

I am experienced in the treatment of complex grief, trauma, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, crisis, self-harming, religious trauma, end of life, caregiver burden and chronic/terminal illness. My background in medical and hospice social work and training as an end of life death doula informs my work with those who suffer from chronic / terminal illness, facing the end of life, grief and caregivers.

I am an allied therapist to folks in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Licensed in Montana, Washington and Colorado and see clients from each state. Licensed to provide clinical supervision to licensing candidates in Montana and Washington.

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